Supplier Requirements

QMS Approved Vendor Flow-Down Requirements

This page outlines HMC Instrument & Machine Works' (HMC's) requirement that its QMS approved vendors must meet or exceed certain standards to ensure that our customers receive the level of service required to ensure compliance with AS9100 and to meet or exceed our customers' requirements of quality, safety, reliability and service.

Record Retention

All QMS approved vendors shall establish and maintain records providing evidence of the conformity of products produced under HMC's purchase order for the minimum number of years required by its customers.  Absent specific instruction from HMC, all records must be maintained for a minimum of seven years.  Records shall be made available to HMC, its customers and/or regulatory agencies upon request.

Certificate of Compliance / Special Processes

All QMS approved vendors shall provide a signed supplier certificate of compliance / certificate of conformance that certifies that all of the requirements of the purchase order have been completed with each shipment.  The certificate shall identify the part number -- including revision, quantity, HMC's job number and purchase order number.

Vendor's acceptance of HMC's purchase order certifies that the materials and processes supplied under the purchase order shall be or have been controlled and inspected in accordance with HMC's purchase order and they they meet the specified order requirements, referenced specifications and drawings.

All QMS approved vendors shall provided certifications for all special processes and nondestructive  test results performed with each shipment.  The certificate shall identify  the processor, process used, controlling specification & revision, and the results of test or measurement performed.  The certificate shall also include part number -- including revision, batch and/or serial numbers reflected by the certificate.

Flow-Down Requirements

All QMS approved vendors shall flow-down to sub-tier suppliers the applicable requirements as required by the purchase order either specifically or by reference.  If it is determined that the vendor is responsible for: A) The root cause of a non-conforming product, B) Ineffective Corrective Action, or C) Failure to respond within the specified time, a Corrective Action will be issued by HMC.  Failure to comply with HMC's Corrective Action process can result in the suspension of the vendor's approved status.

Nonconforming Product

All QMS approved vendors shall notify HMC of any potentially nonconforming product prior to shipment and await approval by HMC before product is shipped.  Upon approval, nonconforming product must be clearly identified and packaged separately from any other product in the shipment.

Changes in Product or Process Definitions

All QMS approved vendors shall notify HMC of any changes in the product and/or process used in the manufacture or processing of the product.  HMC reserves the right for approval of the product, parts and/or materials used, processes performed or equipment utilized by the vendor in fulfilling HMC's purchase order.

Prevention of Counterfeit Parts

Suppliers shall not use or supply counterfeit, suspect or unapproved parts identified as a copy or substitute part whose material, performance or characteristics are knowingly misrepresented. Counterfeit, suspect or unapproved parts shall be identified and controlled to prevent reentry into the supply chain.

Right of Access

All QMS approved vendors agree to the right of entry and access for HMC, its customers or regulatory agencies into all facilities and access to all records, at any level of the supply chain, involved under the performance of the purchase order or contract upon request.

Quality and Calibration Systems

The Supplier shall have and maintain a documented Quality Management System which is acceptable and appropriate for the items or services supplied. Preference shall be given to Suppliers who have a QMS certified to the current revisions of ISO:9001 or AS9100. All QMS approved vendors shall maintain a calibration system that meets the requirements of AS9100.

Integrity and Confidentiality

All QMS approved vendors shall hold all information received from HMC in confidence and no third-party request for information will be authorized unless approved, in writing, by HMC. The Supplier shall communicate with their personnel the importance of ethical behavior and the implications of not operating with the utmost ethical behavior.

Questions & Comments

All QMS approved vendors must be aware and contribute to product safety and product /service  conformity.

Questions & Comments



Please direct any questions to the HMC representative issuing the purchase order.



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